Keeling & Co – Gutter Cleaning Service.

Gutter cleaning is something that everyone in Sydney, Australia, young or old, knows HAS to be done. Every year, ads appear, to remind us that we live in a hot, dry country and there is frequent fire danger.

Not cleaning your gutter regularly can be a matter of life or death in this country. Firstly, when bush fires hit, gutters full of dry leaves act as tinder boxes. Even the tiniest spark can find a happy home and plenty of fuel in a full, dry gutter. Living in certain areas of Sydney, neglecting gutter cleaning on a regular basis even affects your home insurance. 

Secondly, during times of heavy rain, blocked gutters cause all sorts of trouble. Blocked gutters cause water pooling, create leaks and are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Learn more about how and why you should clean your gutter. ALWAYS get your gutter cleaned at least once a year. And if you have to budget, prioritise the Spring.

Don’t risk your home and family over a gutter.

Gutter cleaning services are quick, easy and VERY MESSY. Get a professional to do it unless you fancy balancing on a ladder, up to your elbows in leaves and dirt.

Choose a painter from Keeling & Co. Painters are the best choice for cleaning gutters. We’re up ladders all the time, so we are used to it. We can do it safely. Doing the gutter cleaning yourself might leave you feeling exposed and uncomfortable at height. You can save yourself an unnecessary and costly accident. Stay fit for family and work by getting a professional to go up that ladder! 

Professional gutter cleaning touches.

We have the best tools at our disposal, and we make sure your gutter gets the five star treatment. When we finish the job with a thorough power washing, we make sure that everything is washed away. Doing this prevents new rubbish landing in the gutter from sticking to anything already in there.

As well as gutter cleaning, we can replace elements of guttering that may have come loose or need repairing. Another thing we do is to make sure your gutter is properly attached to the building.

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