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Whether it’s a house, workplace, or business establishment, colour is fundamental to how a room looks and feels. It can arouse feelings, give the appearance of depth and space, and establish the general aesthetic. Because of this, picking the appropriate colours for your interior or exterior areas might be difficult, especially if you don’t have a good sense of design. Sydney colour consultation services can help with this. With their knowledge, you can be certain to make knowledgeable choices that will improve your spaces and provide a harmonious and beautiful environment.

Benefits of Working with a Colour Consultant in Sydney

  • Saves both money and time: A colour consultant will assist you avoid costly errors that might happen when making rash selections regarding colours, which will save you both time and money. Because of their knowledge, you can be certain that the colours you choose will not only look excellent but also endure for a very long time.
  • Professional advice: An expert in colour selection, such as a colour consultant, may offer professional advice and direction on all areas of colour choice, from picking the best paint finish to picking complementary colours that will make your spaces come to life.
  • Getting the desired look: A colour consultant may assist you in getting the intended look by developing a colour scheme that is appropriate for your needs, tastes, and personal style.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: By developing a colour scheme that matches the architectural and interior design aspects, a colour consultant can improve the visual appeal of your rooms.


What to Expect During a Colour Consultation in Sydney

  • Initial consultation: The first step is to meet with the colour consultant for an initial consultation to go through your needs, preferences, and financial situation. The consultant will ask you questions regarding the rooms you want painted and note any furniture or other items of décor that may have an impact on the choice of colours during this visit.
  • Study of current colour scheme: To determine which colours will look best in each room, the colour consultant will review the current colour scheme of your spaces and evaluate the lighting.
  • Selection of paint samples: The consultant will then select paint samples and create a visual representation of the proposed colour scheme using mood boards or computer simulations. 
  • Final consultation: During the final consultation, the proposed colour scheme will be reviewed and any necessary alterations can be made. The consultant will give you a thorough report with recommendations for paint finishes, paint brands, and an estimated project cost once the final colour scheme has been agreed.


Top Colour Consultation Services in Sydney

We use the services of Sharlea Chainey.

She works in a paint shop when she isn’t completing a colour consultation. She is therefore aware of which colours are leaving the door quickly.

Keeling & Co. is constantly seeking superiority. We seek there because tiny, local enterprises are frequently where the best people may be located. Our colour consultation services are offered throughout Sydney, including Inner West. You can also see the locations where our services are offered.

About Sharlea – Our Colour Consultation expert.

Since she was a little child, Sharlea has been consumed by her enthusiasm for colour, ornamentation, and design. She then earned a Cert IV in Interior Decoration and Design from Sydney Design School, which she received in 2016. She therefore anticipates growing her colour consultation company. Her relationship with Keeling & Co. is advantageous for both businesses. Visit this site to see some incredible design concepts.

Dulux and Taubmans paints as well as Cabots, Sikkens, and Feast Watson are available at Sharlea’s Paint Shop. Part-time, she offers colour advice to Sydney homes and businesses.

Practical, hands on knowledge.

Sharlea adores discovering how various colours are created. She has first-hand experience mixing paint in the business, developing a strong understanding of undertones and colour depths.

In addition, “Colour Psychology” was her favourite class in design school since. She firmly believes that colour can affect our energy and moods. She also enjoys keeping up with trends because it helps her with her colour consultation work. Although Sharlea is an expert in colour, she is more than willing to talk about virtually any aspect of interior design.

She is readily available and eager to help you choose the ideal colours for your residence or place of business.

Let’s start painting now! To receive colour consultation services, get in touch with us. Please contact us using this form. We’d be delighted to present Sharlea to you!



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