Colour Consultation Service.

Keeling & Co believes in developing relationships with our suppliers and building links with other trades. That means we always have the best prices and are always up to date with latest colour trends and painting techniques. Colour consultation is one of the services we offer. Paint is all about colour, so of course, it makes sense!

We use the services of Sharlea Chainey. When she’s not working on a colour consultation, she works in a paint shop. So she knows which colours are walking out the door fastest. 

Keeling & Co is always looking for excellence. Often the best people are found in small, local businesses, so that’s where we look. Our colour consultation services are available in Inner West Sydney and far beyond. Review where our services are available. 

About Sharlea – Our Colour Consultation expert.

Sharlea’s passion for colour, decoration and design has been all consuming since she was a young girl. In 2016 she graduated with a Cert IV in Interior Decoration and Design from Sydney Design School. She is looking forward to expanding her colour consultation business. Her liaison with Keeling & Co brings benefits to both companies. Check out some amazing design ideas on this blog.

Sharlea’s paint shop carries Dulux and Taubmans paints and timber finishing brands such as Cabots, Sikkens and Feast Watson. She provides colour consultations part time for homes and businesses across Sydney. 

Practical, hands on knowledge.

Sharlea loves learning about the make-up of different colours. She has hands on experience of mixing paint in-store, building a solid knowledge of undertones and depths of colours. 

Her favourite subject at design school was ‘Colour Psychology’, truly believing in the impact colour can have on our moods and energies. To aid in her colour consultation work, she enjoys staying up to date with trends. Sharlea specialises in colour, but is more than happy to chat about just about anything to do with interiors.

She is readily available and cannot wait to assist you in finding the right colours for your home or business.

So, let’s get painting! Get in contact with us for colour consultation services. Please us this form to contact us. We’d love to introduce you to Sharlea!



Colour consultation with Sharlea
Colour consultation paint swatches
Painter and colour consultation

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